International Forest, & Environmental Development

Forêt Internationale, et Développement Environnemental

MFE 207: Local Development and Climate Change

Course Details

The objective of this module is to enable learners to acquire tools that facilitate local
development taking account of environmental protection and REDD+ issues.

Articulations of this module include :
– Theory and concepts of economic and local development, as well as social economy and
socio-territorial development.
– Context of emergence or re-emergence of local concerns and initiatives.
– Local production systems, industrial clusters and cultural districts
– Actors in local economic development.
– Local development initiatives and socio-territorial innovation
– Community actor at the initiative of local development
– Examples of local development initiatives in Africa and at the international level
presented through case studies and interviews with actors that illustrate the various types
of intervention.
– Interactions of actors and development initiatives
– Conditions for the success of local development initiatives: sense of ownership, leadership,
innovation and cooperation networks.
– Positioning of REDD+ in local development.
– Payment for Environmental Services (PES) and local development.

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