International Forest, & Environmental Development

Forêt Internationale, et Développement Environnemental

MFE 211: Estimation of emission factors related to changes in vegetation cover

Course Details

This training will enable participants to build their capacity on
procedures and methods for estimating emission factors related to land use change and
and the establishment of a monitoring system.

Articulations of this module include :
*Carbon stock changes due to deforestation and forest degradation by different anthropogenic activities
*IPCC levels for estimating emission factors (EFs)
* Allometric equations
– Definition of allometric equations
– Determination of the allometric equations;
– Uses of allometric equations.
*Establishment of reference levels (FREL/FRL)
* Estimation of emission factors – stock difference method and gain-loss difference method
*Estimation of emission factors related to deforestation
– Stratification of vegetation cover types
– Carbon reservoirs
– Field measurements, carbon stock estimation and EF determination
– Estimating carbon stocks and determining EFs
– Sources of error and quality assurance/ control
*Estimation of emission factors related to forest degradation from different anthropogenic

– Data collection to estimate EFs: field measurements
– Estimated EFs and total emissions
– How to estimate gains from regrowth in anthropogenic areas.

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