International Forest, & Environmental Development

Forêt Internationale, et Développement Environnemental

MST 101: Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing

Course Details

the course objective is to enable participants to master the basic concepts of GIS, as well as
the methods of acquiring, preparing and editing geospatial data. It will also allow participants to
become familiar with geospatial data mining and analysis techniques, as well as the use of the
QGIS/ArcGIS geographic information system. This training will also allow the acquisition of
advanced notions in the fields of remote sensing, image processing and analysis, from
visualization and classification operations to the analysis of results.

Articulations of this module include :

Geographic Information System (GIS)
– GIS Vocabulary
– GIS in forest management, environment.and urban management and
natural resources
– Concept of projection system

– Map design
– Fundamentals of geo-referenced mapping
– Using QGIS/ArcGIS.

Remote sensing
– Image acquisition techniques

– Presentation of the basic general techniques of digital image processing and
automatic information extraction
– Basics of Radar/LIDAR

– Image geometry, geo-referencing (direct location, inverse location)

– Characteristics of available spatial radar images and application areas
– Temporal management of data in the same space

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