International Forest, & Environmental Development

Forêt Internationale, et Développement Environnemental

MFE 201: Forest resource management and REDD+.

Course Details

The objective of this module is to enable learners to master the issues management of forest resources management issues in relation to with changes climate change and the opportunities related to REDD+.

Articulations of this module include :
– Definitions
– Sustainable forest development
– Sustainable forest management (ecosystem-based management)
– Sustainable management of African forests (adaptation, participatory and multi-use
– History of sustainable forest development
– Importance of forest management and forest concessions for sustainable management
– Organization and operation of forest concessions
– Ecosystem services
– Dependence of populations on forest resources
– Importance of local people’s involvement in the sustainable management of forest
– Opportunity of REDD+ in forest resources management.

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