International Forest, & Environmental Development

Forêt Internationale, et Développement Environnemental


MFE 200 : Forests and Environment
International Forest and Environmental Development (IFED), a Canadian based organization
specialized in forest resources management and climate change mitigation, through its various
services supports sustainable environmental management of natural resources and contributes to
poverty alleviation. In this light, IFED’s activities and services aim to improve the livelihood of
riverine communities, by supporting them in the implementation of viable methodologies for
sustainable management of natural resources, by supporting marketing of NTFPs and
researching partners for carbon credits. These activities also consist of environmental
assessment, scientific research, publications, and dissemination of research results. IFED has
also put in place a training and capacity-building plan for actors involved in various fields related
to sustainable management of natural resources and climate change mitigation. Kindly consult
the different modules and courses scheduled by IFED for year 2020 at
For the implementation of the training module MFE 200 : Forests and Environment, IFED is
looking for qualified trainers.
This specific module includes 14 courses which are as follows :
▪ MFE 201 : Management of forest resources and REDD+
▪ MFE 202 : Environmental management
▪ MFE 203 : Mining management and environment
▪ MFE 204 : Artisanal and Small-scale Mining Management Techniques (Low
Environmental Impact)
▪ MFE 205 : Quality, Health and Safety Environment (QHSE)
▪ MFE 206 : Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) for REDD+
▪ MFE 207 : Local development and climate change
▪ MFE 208 : Integrated Wildlife Management
▪ MFE 209 : Land tenure security and REDD+

MFE 210 : Inventory of natural resources (flora, wildlife, NTFPs, etc.)
▪ MFE 211 : Estimation of emission factors related to changes in forest cover:
deforestation and forest degradation.
▪ MFE 212 : Sustainable forest management under REDD+ strategies
▪ MFE 213 : Bush fire management in the context of REDD+.
▪ MFE 214 : Use of UAVs for monitoring REDD+ activities and sustainable land
For more information on this module, you are invited to click the link below
Required profile:

  • A minimum of 10 years teaching and / or professional experience in one of the aforementioned
  • Be owner of an MSc or its equivalent in the required field;
  • Having proven teaching skills;
  • Fluency both in French and English (spoken and written) will be an asset
  • Proven skills in the use of e-learning platforms.
    Candidates are requested to apply by sending a Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter by email to / preferably before June 15, 2020 GMT,
    clearly indicating in this email the subject the course (s) of interest (eg MFE 201 : Management
    of forest resources and REDD+). Only candidates whose profile is interesting will be contacted
    for an interview.
  • For further information, please visit the IFED training plan at:

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