International Forest, & Environmental Development

Forêt Internationale, et Développement Environnemental

For the selection of IFED National Representatives


International Forest and Environmental Development (IFED), a Canadian-based organization specialized in forest resources management and climate change mitigation, offers, through various services, is supporting the sustainable management of the environment and natural resources and contributing to poverty alleviation. In this light, its activities and services are geared towards the improvement of local populations’ living standards, through support in the implementation of viable methodologies for yields improvement, as well as marketing and is looking for partners for carbon credits resulting from this management. IFED’s activities and services also include environmental assessments, scientific research, publications and the dissemination of research results. IFED has also set up a training and capacity building program for professionals involved in various fields of activity relating to the sustainable management of natural resources and climate change mitigation.
In compliance with its ambitions, IFED is currently looking for National representatives for African countries (apart from Cameroon and Burkina Faso). The selected candidates will facilitate the development of IFED’s activities in the concerned country.

Profile of the candidates

Interested candidates should:
– Preferably reside or be a citizen of the country of which he/she wishes to be the focal point;
– Carry out activities related to the fields of competence of IFED;
– Preferably belong to a locally rooted organization such as universities, specialized schools in the Forest
Environment sector, civil society structures (NGOs, grassroots organizations, etc.) active in the country concerned;
– Master at least one of IFED’s two communication languages (French or English).
National representatives should trust on local focal points or relays to facilitate the development of IFED activities in their country of influence. The selected persons will be rewarded on the basis of performance according to the system set up within IFED for the remuneration of National representatives and focal points. In addition, they will be, with equal skills, primarily designated as trainers or consultants for IFED missions. Finally, they will be allowed to participate free of charge in at least one training course organized by IFED during the year.


Interested candidates are requested to apply by sending their CV and a cover letter through email to /, no later than October 20, 2020 at midnight (GMT time). However, the selection process will continue until the best candidate per country is obtained.
Only candidates whose required profile is interesting will be contacted for an interview.
For any additional information on IFED, please visit

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