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Forêt Internationale, et Développement Environnemental

MFE 401 Waste management, value chains and the circular economy

Course Details

This training aims to equip participants with knowledge of the waste management process through the application of the 3RVE principles and the circular economy. It will also show how good waste management can not only make a significant contribution to preserving the environment, but also stimulate additional income for local economic development.

Articulations of this module include :

∙ The guiding principles of waste management and the circular economy
∙ The 3RVE and waste management
∙ The various waste transformation and recovery processes
∙ Taking account of value chains in consumption and waste management
∙ The implementation of a waste and by-product sorting system to improve environmental efficiency and recycling of industrial and semi- industrial waste and by-products
∙ Role of players and parties stakeholders in waste management
∙ Presentation of experiments in waste management and the circular economy

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