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Forêt Internationale, et Développement Environnemental

Component 3: Physical distancing

• Avoid direct contact for greetings such as handshakes or kissing and favor the use of alternative practices.
• Ask workers to keep a distance of at least two (2) meters between them.
• Issue clear instructions for workers to respect physical distancing.
• Reduce the number of workers in the same room.
• Redesign workstations.
• Modify working methods (eg teleworking).
When it is impossible to maintain a distance of at least two (2) meters between people (workers or customers), adaptations must be made [9].


The preventive measures put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 include procedures developed to reduce the risk of transmission of SARS-CoV2.
Initially, emphasis was placed on the identification and isolation of imported cases. Once transmission to the local community was reported, surveillance was stepped up to identify cases, including cases who had never traveled to affected areas or had previous contact with infected people.
Secondly, the basic measures applicable to all workers with three components were taken:

Component 1: hand washing and disinfection

• Avoid touching face, mouth, nose and eyes when hands are not washed or when wearing gloves.
• Wash hands often with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds. If this is not possible, use a 60 to 70% hydroalcoholic solution.
• Wash hands before putting on gloves and after taking them off.
• Wash hands before preparing, handling, serving or eating food in the dining room. Do not consume food in potentially contaminated workplaces.
Here are good hand washing and sanitizing techniques [9].

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