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Forêt Internationale, et Développement Environnemental
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Paris COP21: Record number of signatures

The ceremony which determined the outcome of the Paris Agreement that took place on April 22, 2015 had a positively surprising outcome. Signature records were broken as 175 countries signed a single document in one day, the previous record being 119 signatures in 1982 based on the international agreement “The Law Of The Sea”. Any countries who did not choose to sign the agreement have one year to add their names to the supportive list.

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Perfect Timing: A Doctor Quest To Further Climate Education

Cameroonian University lecturer, Dr. Adrien Djomo launched two books this year on March 22. These books were launched with Queens University of Kingston, Ontario which detail his extensive work in the areas of climate change. The first, titled Climate Change Mitigation. Forest Ecosystems: Measurement And Modelling Of Biomass And Carbon is a 423 page long, “educative” read that is full of statistics and suggestions for positive change. The second book, titled Climate Change: The Earth In The Palm Of Our Hands is a 144 page descriptor for everything related to global warming and overviews the various negative environmental effects that climate change has brought to our planet.

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