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Management measures for the new COVID-19 vary by country:
– In China, the Chinese government, in collaboration with Alipay, has deployed an application that allows citizens to check if they have been in contact with people with Covid-19. It is used in more than 200 Chinese cities.
– In Singapore, the TraceTogether application is used. In addition, a digital contact tracking protocol, BlueTrace (en), has been developed, with an open source reference implementation, OpenTrace4,5.
– Colombia – CoronApp is the mobile application for Android and iOS – and available for Huawei AppGallery – developed by the Colombian government. A free application, which does not consume data; it helps detect affected areas and nearby people with a positive Covid-19 diagnosis.
North Macedonia launched “StopKorona!” April 13, 2020, becoming the first country in the Western Balkans to launch a Covid-19 tracking application. The Bluetooth-based application tracks the exposure of potentially infected people and helps health authorities provide a quick response. The mobile numbers of the users are the only data linked to the user, stored on servers managed by the Ministry of Health:
– Ghana launched “GH Covid-19 Tracker App”, an Android and IOS application equipped with location tracking technology to provide detailed information on people who participated in the same event, place, country or others places to provide health authorities with specific information on who to monitor and who to help. The application was developed by the Ministry of Communication and Technology and the Ministry of Health13. As of April 14, 2020, the application was awaiting approval from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store14.
– In Norway – the Smittestopp application developed by the Norwegian government uses Bluetooth and GPS. [7].

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