International Forest, & Environmental Development

ForĂȘt Internationale, et DĂ©veloppement Environnemental

Our planet Earth is weakened by our human actions. To face this, April 22 has been chosen to allow us to reflect on our relationship with it, on the actions we take that impact and deteriorate our planet on a daily basis. The theme of this year’s World Earth Day is “Restore our Planet – Earth”. To support this theme, IFED is organizing a series of events including an online training on ‘Local Development and Climate Change’ from April 21-23, a virtual conference on April 22, and a video (English and French) that can be shown in classrooms and professional settings to commemorate this event.

IFED has set up a certificate of environmental recognition for individuals and corporations that allows us to put together to mobilize funds to multiply actions contributing to awareness, training, development projects and research to facilitate the restoration of our planet.
We invite everyone to get their annual environmental certificate. It is a small individual contribution that allows us to have a big impact on our Planet Earth. For more information about this certificate, please contact us at or consult this link : ENG / FR

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